The inventor of Electric Fans – Schuyler Skaats Wheeler

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Fans are now widely used as coolers and air fresheners and can also be used as dryers. In general, fans can be divided into two types, namely traditional fans, namely hand fans and modern fans that use electricity as a driving force and produce stronger winds.

History of the Discovery and Development of Fans

Since ancient times the Chinese, Machine, Roman and Persian peoples have used fans. But at that time the fan was an object that was sacred and was widely used for religious activities. In addition, the fan at that time was a manifestation of the power of a king.

Archaeologists first discovered a fan believed to be the first fan at the tomb of the king of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, King Tutankhamen. And the fan found in the king’s meal was made of ostrich feathers and another made of ebony wood coated with gold and gemstones.

Then after that, a few centuries later around the 1500s, Italy became the first country to produce a fan. The fan at that time symbolized one’s prosperity and also as a symbol of luxury and was widely used by socialites or bourgeois.

Until a few centuries later fans became one of the trading commodities. In the country of Spain itself, the fan shifted its function as a tool to cool Spanish air that had a hot climate at that time and was widely used in all circles in Spain.

Until then the discovery of electricity by Michael Faraday managed to bring up many new technologies at that time. Especially the discovery of an electric fan by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler who came from America in 1882. The fan model made by Schuyler is made up of two propellers using electric motor driving power.

Schuyler’s electric fan does not use any protection. Until then the model of the electric fan was further developed by an engineer who was also from America named Philip H. Diehl and later re-inflated his fan in 1887.

Even the fan made by Philip H. Diehl can be taped to the ceiling of the house so that it is widely used by the public at that time. He then continued to update his artificial fan by adding split-ball joints to his electric fan in 1904 so that the model of Philip H. Diehl’s fan became the basis of the discovery of alternating fans.

In the present, the fan model consists of various models and sizes. And also its function is growing and used in various kinds of activities. Even more, developed such as the discovery of AC (Air Conditioner) which is based on the discovery of fans which will be discussed in the next article.

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