Inventor of Cameras – Louis Jacques Monde Da Guerre and Edwin Land

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Cameras from year to year continue to develop along with the increasingly sophisticated technology. When it was first discovered the form of a camera that functions to capture and produce this image is still very large in size and still difficult to operate but along with the times, the current camera model is more sophisticated and there are large and small and very easy to use. This time we will discuss the history of camera discovery and the profile and inventor of the camera, Louis Jacques Monde Da Guerre and Edwin Land.
• Louis Jacques Monde Da Guerre
Louis Jacques Monde da Guerre was born in France, on November 18, 1787. Louis was a French artist and chemist. When young Louis struggled in the arts. He became famous since his discovery of the Daguerreotype photography process.
Inventor, Camera, Louis Jacques Monde Da Guerre In his mid-thirties, he had succeeded in designing diorama, namely a line of landscape paintings that could show paintings look beautiful with the help of light effects. He began to develop a method of painting back scenes automatically without using brushes and paint.

Louis had failed in the first draft, he began experimenting to create images in 1824 and showed the diorama in France, England, and Scotland. He had opened Diorama in Paris in 1822, exhibiting the display of images with various effects caused by changes in light.

In 1827 Louis met Joseph Joseph Niepce who was making a camera with the first photographic work in 1826, but the picture was still blurred. Louis collaborated in 1829 to develop a camera, but in 1833 Niepce died. He succeeded in creating a practical system of photography which was named daguerreotype.

A daguerreotype is the first method of making photos published in the world. This method was created in 1834 by Louis and Niepce. Images produced by the Daguerreotype system are made from amalgam or a mixture of silver and mercury. Mercury vapor produced from a heated pool of mercury is used to develop a copper plate with a thin silver layer rolled in the contact.

But the results of the Daguerreotype system image are easily erased by air or fingers, so it is done in a closed room and the results are inserted into a glass frame. The image results can be copied back with the original daguerreotype. Louis resumed his research by experimenting with chemicals and mechanical processes in recording images by coating copper and silver plates.

In 1835, he had found a way to develop photos for 30 minutes, so that he could improve the images produced. This method can prevent the darkening of the silver plate used. In 1837, he succeeded in perfecting from the exposure process to fixation.
The French government awarded Louis and the Niepce family in the form of a lifetime pension. Louis died at Brysur Marne, France, on July 10, 1851, at the age of 63 years.

• Edwin Land
Edwin Land is the inventor of the Polaroid camera. Edwin Land is an American inventor and scientist, born on May 7, 1909. A Polaroid camera is a direct camera that can print prints of photos directly processed in the camera body. This camera was designed by Edwin and began to be marketed in 1947. The first shots of using this camera were carried out by Edwin in 1944.

At first, this camera used the film model stand in 1948, then used a peeled film. Finally, in 1972, it was replaced by using a dry format that is still used today. Edwin has found many inventions such as filters for the polarization of light, practical systems in instant cameras and so on. Edwin died on March 1, 1991, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the age of 81 and was buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.
In this day and age, from the development of these cameras, there are many types and models of cameras that are circulating in the market from simple or very sophisticated to digital cameras. These types of cameras call Polaroid cameras, film cameras, pocket or pocket cameras, TLR cameras (Twin Lens Reflex) and SLR Camera cameras (Single Lens Reflex) that are widely used by photographers. Thus the explanation of the history of the invention of the camera and the profile of the inventors of the camera namely Louis Jacques Monde da Guerre and Edwin Land. Hopefully, it can be useful.

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