The inventor of Dynamite – Alfred Nobel

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If we hear the word dynamite our minds will be fixed on a dangerous explosive, before the Nobel word has always been associated with humanitarian awards, but not many know the owner of the Nobel name who was the initiator and inventor of dynamite, where dynamite is a widely used hazardous material as an explosive.

On this occasion, we will discuss the Dynamite Inventor, Alfred Nobel. Alfred Nobel is a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and founder of the Nobel Prize. Alfred was born on October 21, 1833, at Stockholm, San Remo, Sweden.
When Alfred’s family moved to Russia, Alfred did not attend public schools but studied at home by bringing in a personal teacher. At the age of 16, he has mastered chemistry and is good at using several languages ​​such as English, German, French and Swedish.

In Russia, Alfred’s father set up a torpedo and mine plant, during the Crimean war in 1853 to 1856 his father’s factory produced torpedoes and mines. But when the war was over and Russia did not need torpedoes and mines, the factory went bankrupt.

After the bankruptcy, Alfred returned to Sweden and set up a nitroglycerine plant and liquid explosives. But in 1864, the plant exploded and killed five of its employees including the younger brother.

Because of the incident, the Swedish government banned Alfred from building his factory again. After that, he conducted research to conquer nitroglycerin.

He saw the liquid nitroglycerine dripping into the soil containing lime, a combination that made the dynamite a little safe. Alfred began producing it so he became wealthy again.

The discovery was named powdery mixture dynamite, after being refined he patented the invention in 1867. The high explosive material was better known as dynamite.

Alfred’s dynamite is widely used in mining and the military, they like Alfred’s dynamite because it is safer, the explosion is powerful and can be controlled. Alfred built many dynamite factories in various countries.

In addition to dynamite, the factory also began producing more powerful explosives and it grew increasingly rich and famous. At the age of 40, he has become the richest person in Europe, but he prefers to live alone, not married.

Alfred’s career began to disappear since creating a ballista, a superior explosive without removing smoke made for mining. The discovery coincided with the instability of the military relations of European countries, so he was expelled from France and his image began to disintegrate.

Alfred chose to live in a villa in San Remo, where he made a laboratory and did a lot of research until the end of his life.

Alfred died on December 10, 1896, at the age of 63 years. He left a legacy letter he had changed a year before he died. In the inheritance letter, he asserted that all the assets he owned must be used to establish a foundation and be invested in shares.

Profit earned is used to be distributed in the form of appreciation for people who have contributed greatly to humanity. The will made many people surprised. Alfred founded the Nobel Prize Foundation in 1895.

The first Nobel Prize was held in 1901. Such is the explanation of the history of the inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel. In this era, the dynamite of Alfred Nobel’s findings is more widely used as explosives in mining and there are also those who use it for military purposes. Hopefully, this article can be our inspiration and become useful information material for all of us.

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