Who is the Inventor of Petroleum?

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 - History

Petroleum or crude oil is the main energy source on earth which is the main commodity in international trade.

The use of petroleum as an energy source has a bad impact on the environment but even so, there have been many efforts made by humans to preserve the environment by using clean energy that can be renewed as technology advances.
Petroleum is extracted directly from the soil. Indonesia is also one of the oil-producing countries with large oil reserves.

Petroleum is commonly referred to as ‘black gold’, because its shape is a brownish or greenish thick liquid which is flammable and is present in several layers of the earth’s crust.

This petroleum consists of a mixture of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen, metals and salt. Petroleum, coal and natural gas were formed hundreds of years ago.

There is no exact information about who first discovered the oil, because petroleum appeared on the surface of the earth from several oil wells.

History explains that ancient Egyptians used oil when embalming and preserving mummies. They also use oil to cover the road to the pyramid after they have buried their king in it.
Then the Babylonians and Assyrians used it to make roads and use them on their ships. The Chinese use it as fuel.

And many Indians, Romans and Persians use oil to heal their riding animals when traveling.

In the 8th century, people had begun extracting the first crude oil in Iraq. Then in the territory of Azerbaijan, they already knew the use of crude oil but did not know how to refine oil. The Middle East region like Iraq has indeed been rich in petroleum since a long time ago.

As for the person who first discovered how to process petroleum into kerosene and used it as fuel, namely Muhammad Ibn Zakaria Al Razi, known as a Muslim scientist, he was well known as a chemist and also a doctor from Persia.

Furthermore, for centuries, people have not maximized the use of petroleum as fuel until the advent of the industrial revolution in England. in the 18th century. At that time, people had begun to realize the importance of petroleum as fuel or energy.

Until now, petroleum is a source of energy or fuel that is widely used for industry and households. Crude oil is also a major commodity in world trade.

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