The inventor of Sewing Machines – Elias Howe

Do many people wonder who first invented the sewing machine? The answer was Elias Howe who was known to the world as the inventor of the first sewing machine. The sewing machine is a mechanical device created to facilitate humans in sewing. Using a sewing machine, sewing becomes faster than […]

Radio Founder – Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi the Inventor of Radio – We certainly already know not what is it called radio? Yes, radio is an electronic device that is very useful especially for scavenging information. The disadvantages of this radio are of course there, one of which is not having pictures. That means only […]

inventor of android , Andy Rubin

inventor of android – If interpreted, Android is the name of an operating system that is open source or free to modify which was developed by Google which is the most widely used mobile phone or smartphone in the findings of Andy Rubin. In another sense, in general, Android is […]

Email Inventor – Ray Tomlinson

Gmail? Yahoo? HotMail? Everything is there thanks to the central role of Ray Tomlinson. He is known as the inventor of Email or Electronic Mail. Today email now has a very important role in communicating quickly. Email is used to exchange messages quickly through the internet. Ray Samuel Tomlinson’s real […]

Keyboard Inventor – Christopher Latham Sholes

Keyboard or keyboard is one of the most important parts that exist on computers and typewriters. Understanding the keyboard itself is a computer input device that has various kinds of buttons that have functions or commands. Regarding the history of the keyboard itself, the Inventor of the Keyboard is Christopher […]

The inventor of the Excavator – William Smith Otis

An excavator is one of the heavy equipment used for various property projects to mining. The discovery of this excavator serves to facilitate the dredging work that cannot be reached by human power. In fact, the bigger the size of this excavator, the easier the dredging will be. The excavator […]

Telegraph Inventor – Samuel F.B Morse

Definition of Telegraph and Telegram. Telegraph is a machine used to send a message in the form of an electrical impulse which is then converted or converted to data. And Telegram itself is a facility used in conveying information or long-distance messages quickly, accurately and documented that contains a combination […]

The inventor of Telephone – Alexander Graham Bell

Many Alexander Graham Bell knew him as the inventor of the First Phone, although in the end the world later learned that he was not the person who first found the telephone but an Italian man named Antonio Meucci. Alexander Graham Bell was born in 1847 in Edinburg, Scotland. Bell’s […]