The Origin of Forest Chickens

The Origin of Forest Chickens Since ancient times, chickens have coexisted with humans. But at one time, there was a family of chickens who decided to leave the human settlement and live in the forest. They are ancestors of jungle fowl. Here’s the story. Once upon a time, there lived […]

The story of golden oranges

Formerly once enthroned a fair and wise king in a kingdom on the island of Java. The king got a magical whisper from the gods, that in all the territory of the kingdom he was leading he would be overwritten by the plague. The god gave a whisper that the […]

The inventor of Alternating Flow – Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is considered to be the most powerful electric scientist that has ever existed even though it is not well known. Maybe most people know Thomas Alfa Edison who is the inventor of direct current. If we compare the two then there can be a currency war where Nikola […]

Inventor of Electricity – Michael Faraday

Now electricity is the most important requirement for mankind. With electricity, all human activities can be easily done. Electricity is one of the energies that can be said to control the livelihoods of many people because the benefits are very important. Profile of Michael Faraday as ‘Father of Electricity’ The […]

lipstick history from time to time

Lipstick is almost as old as human civilization. Initially, it did not refer to a particular male or female but as a differentiator of social status. Women often always want to look different from others. For that, they do various ways. Among other things, wearing lipstick and facial makeup to […]

Get to know the origin of further kiwifruit.

kiwi fruit stories – This type of fruit is one type of berry that can be consumed directly, and this kiwi plant is also included in the type of woody vines in the genus “Actinidia”. In addition, kiwi fruit is also one of the fruit plants that enter the family […]

History of Cars Found in the First World

history found the car in the world for the first time was someone who came from France in 1879 was none other than Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. The development of cars in the world has developed rapidly in this modern era, from cars that are fueled by gasoline, cars with electric […]